Corporate Environmental Policy

Geokinetics strongly believes that our work can be done successfully, while protecting the environment and keeping it as a sustainable resource for many generations.

We are experts operating in some of the most eco-sensitive areas of the world; focusing our attention on minimizing our environmental footprint. We have proven performance mitigating our environmental impact in extreme desert and arctic environments where we worked in concert with respected equipment manufacturers to implement customized, purpose built vehicles. Geokinetics continues to expand its commitment to the environment by developing revolutionary source solutions, like Geokinetics onSEIS; designed to get into difficult and limited access areas with minimal environmental impact and without compromising data quality.

Environmental responsibility cascades from top management to field personnel; with line management directly accountable for environmental performance during the project.

This commitment to the environment is incorporated into the Geokinetics HSE Management System to assure implementation of environmentally responsible operating practices. Environmental management is a line management responsibility. All operations follow the law and include address air, noise, water, vegetation, animal wildlife, erosion, waste, archeological, cultural and subsistence, and delicate ecological environments.


Our Program

Our Environmental Program is based on controlling any impact of our operations by the following prioritized alternatives:

  • Avoid any impact
  • Reduce any impact
  • Mitigate any impact

Further environmental impact considerations:

  • Communities
  • Opening lines reducing tree cuts
  • Protecting water sources
  • Controlling waste
  • Cleaning used water before disposal
  • Avoid or control any spillage