Health and Safety

Our Program

The effect of our QHSE Program has been very positive. Our total recordable cases have decreased year by year through work within a highly controlled system providing commitment, example and resources. We can report more than 36 million hours in 2010 with less than 2.03 Total Reportable Case Frequency.

Processed safety data is assessed and evaluated for all our operations so that we may avoid any possible accidents, protect equipment and continue to obtain quality data.

All our crews have an ERP (Emergency Response Plan) to respond in the most effective manner in any event where prevention measures did not work.

Strict procedures are in place to keep our people healthy – access to clean drinking water, continuous inspections, facilitation of doctors on crews, and vaccines before travelling – are all part of a program of caring for our employees supported with an insurance program exceeding legal requirements.



Geokinetics has a moral and legal responsibility to train all employees and contractors to work safely.

A Geokinetics HSE Training Plan has been established and is applied consistently throughout the company following strict guidelines.

Training is provided to all of our employees. Beginning with local employees, everyone receives an induction session upon the commencement of work with Geokinetics. Special emphasis is placed on QHSE so that we may protect lives, the environment, our equipment, and maintain the best possible relations with our communities. Training is ongoing. Our employees are continuously learning how to execute tasks in the safest and most efficient way possible. Special resources have been assigned to the training program and a plan is in effect to systemize the training courses offered in such a manner that we offer 100% coverage.