Social Responsibility

Our participation and awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) began in 1963 where our social programs provided assistance to economically challenged individuals with health problems in various areas of South America. We shared with our clients our interest and compassion, highlighting the need to work with local communities. In time, local social programs were born under different names, addressing assorted needs.

Today, Geokinetics has progressed through all processes of human rights, as well as environmental and social advancement, resulting in the generation of a common set of generally accepted principles, which address the meaning of Social Responsibility.

As part of our CSR, corporate, regional, country and crew management maintain a permanent communication with all stakeholders at all levels, the client, and especially with the communities where the crews are working.

Our Commitment

  • Protect the ability to return to the same area by complying with all our programs and agreements, causing a positive impact in the communities.
  • Protect the name and image of our clients on every project we undertake
  • Continuous Safety and Health improvement in all of our activities.
  • Foster growth by protecting the long-term success of the company.
  • Promote the professional development of our employees.
  • Transparent relations with stakeholders.


The Geokinetics management team in each country is responsible for implementing the CSR Policy in daily operations. Country managers are fully accountable and report on the total performance of the company in their country of responsibility at quarterly review meetings attended by all management of Geokinetics.

CSR responsibility guidance and control is part of the QHSE Steering Group’s responsibilities and is supervised and led by both the Executive team and the Board.

Daily Activities with CSR

The four pillars of CSR have been incorporated into the CSR Policy and the processes in the respective departments.


Each country maintains statistics for its CSR activities.


The CSR Policy implementation includes planning and auditing phases.


There is a hotline setup directly to a third party provider and all Geokinetics employees are able to anonymously report any violation.


Geokinetics crews undertake initial social assessments of any work area, and identify population, needs, etc. in order to formulate a plan.

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