In the Beginning

Geokinetics Inc. was incorporated in the USA in January 1980. In 1997, Geokinetics began to position itself as a technologically-advanced provider of seismic acquisition and high-end seismic data processing services to the oil and gas industry by the establishment of Quantum Geophysical (now Geokinetics USA) to focus on seismic acquisition operations along the US Gulf Coast, Mid-continent and Rocky Mountain regions and Canada.

Subsequently in 1998 Geokinetics Inc. acquired Geophysical Development Corporation, GDC (now Geokinetics Processing, Inc.) a leading provider of seismic data processing and interpretation services in all parts of the world including the Gulf of Mexico, Latin America and West Africa.

In 2005, Trace Energy Services was acquired with a complimentary capability in Canada and North America and a successful seismic acquisition operating history of over 20 years.

Further Global Expansion

Geokinetics Inc. further expanded into the international geophysical services market by acquiring Grant Geophysical, Inc. (now Geokinetics International Holdings, Inc.) and its wholly owned subsidiary Solid State Geophysical in September 2006. The acquisition of Grant brought over 70 years of proven seismic acquisition and processing expertise in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Hemisphere and Asia Pacific markets to Geokinetics.

Prior to 2006, the Geokinetics group of companies worked predominantly on projects in the US and Canadian markets. As a result of the Grant Geophysical acquisition, Geokinetics became an international geophysical service company offering a broader range of geophysical services. The international capabilities were further enhanced in February 2010, when Geokinetics Inc. purchased the onshore seismic data acquisition and multi-client data library business of PGS, adding new operating areas in Alaska and Mexico, as well as in the Middle East and North Africa.

The combination of these companies makes Geokinetics a leading international provider of onshore, transition zones, and Ocean Bottom Systems (OBS) seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation services.