Code of Business Integrity

Geokinetics strives to create a corporate culture with the highest standards of responsible and ethical behavior.

The Geokinetics Code of Business Integrity serves as a guide to our Board of Directors, executive officers, managers and all other employees of Geokinetics to conduct business in a legal, responsible and ethical manner. It is built on a foundation of values and a set of common ethical standards that permeate our entire organization and demonstrate our commitment to our shareholders, clients, employees, and business partners.

This is a comprehensive guide, but it cannot address every situation; we share a collective responsibility to exercise good judgment and behave ethically at all times as we conduct business on behalf of Geokinetics.

You may contact Geokinetics’ Corporate Compliance office anonymously by calling the Ethics Point Hotline at (866) 237-GEOK (4365) in the United States or visiting If you have any questions, please contact