As the exploration landscape evolves and today’s oil and gas companies face greater challenges discovering the world’s untapped hydrocarbon resources, it’s increasingly important to choose a land seismic acquisition provider with specific expertise working in the world’s extreme environments.

Geokinetics has a solid reputation providing solutions oriented designs and operational techniques to meet our client’s diverse geophysical, environmental and social needs. We are renowned for tackling technologically complex projects in the world’s most difficult terrain and mitigating the risks associated with working in areas known for cultural, infrastructure, and security challenges. We complete projects where other companies have failed without compromise to our high standards of safety and data quality.

Solutions Driven

  • 2D, 3D, and 4D data acquisition capabilities in all terrain; including desert, arctic, plains, mountain, jungle and swamp environments
  • Proven experts working in the world’s most eco-sensitive and archaeologically significant terrain with dedication to maintaining a light environmental footprint
  • Unrivaled data quality
  • Geokinetics promotes an organizational culture dedicated to the highest standards of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. We employ community advocates to build relationships within the local communities where we work and implement sustainability programs to aid indigenous populations.
  • 78 years seismic acquisition experience with world class levels of safety and productivity
  • Expert survey design teams and technical staff develop customized design solutions to image complex geologic structures and overcome topographic obstacles
  • Utilize Vibroseis, dynamite, and environment specific source technologies to image shallow or deep targets
  • Market leader in deploying and managing the highest channel count field crews
  • Global presence with specific expertise working in areas with cultural, political, infrastructure, security, and environmental challenges
  • Deploy state-of-the-art recording equipment

Technology Focused

  • Through joint technology development partnerships Geokinetics has worked to mitigate our environmental footprint by implementing customized, purpose built vehicles to operate in extreme arctic and desert environments
  • Geokinetics uses superior technology, innovative equipment applications and powerful acquisition methodologies to tackle our client’s technologically complex projects
  • Revolutionizing onshore and shallow water acquisition technology with the development of onSEIS and the Geokinetics Marine Vibrator, AquaVib
  • Staff of industry experts committed to innovation and ingenuity