Geokinetics provides seamless data acquisition from sea to shore.

Our shallow water OBS capabilities extend from the shoreline to 150 meter water depths. Geokinetics is an industry leader in OBS data acquisition; in the last few years, we’ve acquired more than 8,000 km2 of OBS data, including 4,000 km2 4C data. We are committed to innovation and continue to pioneer advances in technology to bring our client’s custom solutions that secure production efficiency and overcome environmental challenges.

Solutions Driven

  • Extensive fleet of ocean vessels with worldwide capabilities and delivery by air or sea.
  • Custom-designed vessels for variable water depths and marine obstructions
  • Innovative cable deployment and acoustic positioning
  • Rapid delivery, effective mobilization and efficient operations
  • First in the industry to use the Sercel SeaRay Seabed Acquisition System with 428XL technology and 4-component omni-tilt MEMS digital sensors
  • Flexible airgun array capabilities and on-board QC, provides custom design and in-field modification capabilities to meet any geological or environmental challenge
  • Geokinetics promotes an organizational culture dedicated to the highest standards of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment with continuous dedication to minimizing our environmental impact.

Technology Focused

  • Commitment to innovation; our R&D staff has a dedicated lab researching advances in technology and a specific interest in optimizing coupling.
  • TZ and OBS field researching environmental effects on marine life resulting from airgun operations in shallow water environments
  • Revolutionizing shallow water acquisition technology with the development of the Geokinetics Marine Vibrator, AquaVib