Integrated Reservoir Geosciences

As oil and gas resources have become harder to find, and as exploration and production costs have increased, Geokinetics has responded with the ability to more effectively and more efficiently extract more information from seismic data to help map and manage the reservoir, reduce costs, and reduce risk.

Our philosophy for risk reduction involves the integration and calibration of seismic data with all available geologic and petrophysical data, beginning with acquisition design and carrying through processing to data analysis and interpretation, prospect identification and reservoir characterization. Our goal is to ensure that the right information is acquired, preserved, and utilized to maximize the value of your seismic data investment.

Geokinetics has grown into a leading provider of technically innovative solutions in all aspects of seismic including data analysis and interpretation. Our data analysis services range from the traditional – tracking and mapping time horizons to identify potential structural or stratigraphic traps – to the state-of-the-art in identifying the reservoir and the hydrocarbon accumulations themselves. Any of our full range of services can be utilized as a stand-alone service or combined into a custom-designed, integrated solution to fit our client’s exploration or reservoir management needs. Please contact us for more information.

Geokinetics provides a full suite of petrophysical services to correlate well-derived reservoir properties to seismic data. We offer both standard products and individualized petrophysical analyses, including cross-plots, trend curves and well-log modeling for different reservoir conditions (fluids, lithology, etc.); all tailored to the client’s requirements.

Seismic Modeling
Seismic modeling can be used for simple 1D well-to-seismic synthetic ties, to assess seismic response to changes in fluid or lithology, to calibrate AVO and inversion analyses and test sensitivities, and to support processing and determine appropriate parameters for velocity correction or for noise and multiple attenuation processes. We offer:

  • 1D, 2D, gathers, and attribute stacks
  • In-situ and petrophysical perturbations (fluid substitutions, porosity, and lithology modification, etc.)
  • Raytrace – Isotropic and anisotropic (VTI and HTI)
  • Full wave equation – Isotropic and anisotripic (VTI and HTI)

Rock Physics and Feasibility Studies
This service combines petrophysics, well log inversion and modeling, and seismic modeling to bridge the gap between seismic data and reservoir properties. The goal is to determine which seismic attributes are most suitable and feasible to identify and accurately measure desired reservoir properties within the resolution of the client’s available seismic data.

AVO and Inversion
Whether the preferred seismic attributes are identified by the client or from feasibility studies, Geokinetics has a number of AVO and Inversion techniques to derive the desired acoustic and elastic properties from seismic data.

  • AVO
  • Post-stack Inversion
  • AVO Inversion – 2 and 3 terms
  • Pre-stack Simultaneous Elastic Inversion – 2 and 3 terms

Reservoir and Rock Property Prediction
Reservoir and Rock property estimates from AVO and Inversion attribute volumes based on rock physics, x-plots, probability functions, neural nets, or other well-to-seismic transform or classification methods, or velocity and anisotropy analyses.

  • Lithology and Fluid
  • 4D Studies
  • Pore Pressure Prediction
  • Fracture Characterization Studies

Survey Design and Illumination Studies
Our staff can help you determine the geophysical acquisition methods and parameters necessary to acquire new seismic data with the proper resolution to meet your geologic and engineering objectives. Our Illumination Studies can also help evaluate existing data to improve processing or interpretation strategies.

Integrated Seismic Interpretation
Geokinetics provides customized project consulting and seismic interpretation by recognized professionals in the geophysical industry. From reconnaissance to reservoir scale, our staff has the tools and experience to integrate multiple data types and help you realize the full value of your seismic data investment.

  • Seismic acquisition and processing project supervision
  • Time and depth interpretation
  • Basin, play, prospect, reservoir scale
  • Structural or stratigraphic mapping
  • Incorporation of trace, volume and inversion attributes
  • Utilization of pressure, stress and fracture studies
  • Integration of multidisciplinary datasets
  • 4D interpretation and analysis

Geokinetics offers AVO Theory and Amplitude Interpretation courses taught by Dr. Fred J. Hilterman. Courses can be custom-designed to meet the needs of your technical staff.