Geokinetics offers interpretation and analysis tools and a set of complete off-the-shelf studies to aid your E&P efforts.


jTIPS™ Interactive Hydrocarbon Signature Analysis
jTIPS™ Software provides a complete desktop toolkit to interactively evaluate AVO hydrocarbon signatures and model the seismic response of petrophysical rock properties. Linked to Geokinetics’ Gulf of Mexico Rock Properties Database or user-defined input, jTIPS provides maximum flexibility and speed to assess a play, a block, or a prospect.

Workstation-based petrophysical analysis, geologic and seismic modeling, and mapping package. Integrated with a relational well log database, users are just clicks away from synthetics, AVO responses, stratigraphic cross-sections, lithologic crossplots, trend curves, areal histograms, rock property maps and much more.

SOLID™ Elastic Modeling Software
The Best Full Elastic Modeling Software in the industry. SOLID accounts for all conversions between P waves and S waves, correctly handles amplitude and the variation of reflection and transmission coefficients with angle of incidence, and calculates all multiple reflections.

Well Log Database
Geokinetics’ Well Log Database consists of a library of nearly 6000 Gulf of Mexico wells that have been digitized, edited, interpreted by petrophysicists, and put through an extensive analysis in order to provide our clients with the best possible set of well log curves for geophysical / geological work.

Rock Properties Database
More than 70 individual Rock properties have been computed for every well in our Gulf of Mexico Well Log Database at 200 foot intervals. This is a rich source of pre-sampled and computed attributes for calibrating and mapping seismic data, including AI, Vp, Vs, ρ, σ, etc. and reflectivities NI, PR, ΔV, Δ ρ, etc. with means and standard deviations of each parameter.


Geokinetics Tiles™
Tiles are detailed area studies that quantify pore-fluid and lithology prediction based on Geokinetics’ Well Log and Rock Properties Database. In addition to a comprehensive AVO investigation, signature well analyses, and rock property maps, included with each Tile are one jTIPS license and the underlying rock properties data, providing the interpreter an interactive environment to test assumptions and rapidly make amplitude and AVO judgments in the area.

The entire Gulf of Mexico is covered by 29 Tiles, and the North Sea Southern Gas Basin is the subject of one Tile.

Seismic Signature Book™ Library
Geokinetics offers AVO synthetics and petrophysical displays for offshore Gulf of Mexico wells. Each Seismic Signature Book™ in the library is a full work-up of a specific well, and provides the interpreter with in-situ and fluid substitution case log suites, 1D and full-offset AVO synthetics, attribute responses, trend curves and crossplots.

Deep Water Gulf of Mexico Well Log Studies
The Deep Water Studies describe 250 wells in five sets of detailed, carefully edited logs covering the Gulf’s deep-water activity. Each of the five studies contains Seismic Signature Books™ for fifty (50) wells along with the respective digital well log curves and a report that outlines additional technologies to assist in deep-water exploration.

Deep Water Gulf of Mexico Field Studies
A well and seismic based AVO study of 50 deep water fields from the Gulf of Mexico. Each field’s producing zones are analyzed using fluid substitution and AVO modeling. The resulting AVO analysis is then tied into a regional grid of seismic lines.

Miocene Shelf Seismic Study, Offshore Louisianna.
A powerful exploration tool developed by Geokinetics’ premier team of geophysicists and geologists, the Gulf of Mexico Miocene Shelf Seismic Study lets you focus on interpretation and avoid the headaches.

Custom-Designed Studies
Any of the above study types can be prepared as a proprietary study, using client provided input or data supplied through Geokineticss Well Log and Rock Properties Databases.