Welcome to Supplier Relations

Our goal is to build strong relationships with our contractors and suppliers; this is essential for the delivery of new projects and the successful completion of operations. We recognize and select our contractors and suppliers for their commitment and expertise in such areas as innovation, safety, quality and sustainability.

Geokinetics Procurement Specialists purchase from suppliers around the world, we encourage our suppliers to maintain the principles that we believe in:

  • Unwavering business integrity and ethics
  • Always practice health, safety, and environmental compliance
  • Social responsibilities
  • Work in alignment with international labor and human rights laws

Geokinetics Purchase Order Terms and Conditions: To help facilitate purchase transactions, all suppliers are encouraged to understand Geokinetics’ Purchase Order Worldwide Terms and Conditions.

Geokinetics Global Purchase Order Terms & Conditions Document
Code of Business Integrity Document

Supplier Packet: All new or potential suppliers are required to fill out the initial forms located below. Additional documentation may be requested. Please fill out the initial forms and send to  in the following format; Vendor Name – Form Type (ie: John Doe Co – ACH Form). Completed forms will be followed up by Procurement, incomplete forms will not be accepted.

USA Suppliers:

International Suppliers: